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Windows CE

First Impressions HP Jornada 545

First Impressions HP Jornada 720 Handheld PC 2000

HP620LX Windows CE OS 2.11 "Pro" Upgrade Kit Impressions

Compaq Aero 8000 mini-notebook impressions

IBM 340MB CF MicroDrive review by Chuck Davis. NOTE that this is a pre-release version of the drive.

First Impressions: Casio Digital Camera Card

Visit the MSN Windows CE File Library

I/O, I/O, it's off to work we go
By Todd Ogasawara, 11/15/99

It’s all in the wrist
By Todd Ogasawara, 12/1/99

A keyboard for your Palm-size PC
By Todd Ogasawara, 1/20/00

CompactFlash memory cards

By Todd Ogasawara, March 10, 2000

Create your very own digital photo album
By Todd Ogasawara, 11/15/99

Video, photos, and voice mail -- oh, my!
By Todd Ogasawara, 12/1/99

Digital music to go
By Todd Ogasawara, 1/5/00

Graphics on your Palm-size PC
By Todd Ogasawara, 2/16/00

Pocket Video
By Todd Ogasawara, 3/15/00

CompactFlash™ readers from Xircom and Lexar -- SanDisk USB CompactFlash card reader, Lexar CompactFlash digital film reader
By Jason Dunn, Todd Osagawa, 11/15/99

iBIZ KeySync Keyboard -- iBIZ KeySync Keyboard
By Todd Ogasawara, 1/20/00

Which stylus is for me? -- Various styluses
By Todd Ogasawara, 2/21/00

Casio Digital Camera Card -- Casio Digital Camera Card
By Todd Ogasawara, 11/15/99

Pocket Player is a hit for digital music -- Conduits Pocket Player 1.2
By Todd Ogasawara, 12/15/99

For the artist or doodler -- Conduits Pocket Artist 1.1
By Todd Ogasawara, 2/11/00

Windows Media Player
-- Windows Media Player
By Todd Ogasawara, 3/15/00

The HP Jornada 720 Handheld PC 2000 initial screen.

Computer Telephony Expo Spring 2000
Check out the photographs and daily commentaries.

Casio Digital Camera Card installed on Casio E-100
The Casio Digital Camera Card for the Cassiopiea E-100/105.

Compaq Aero 8000 top view
The Compaq Aero 8000 Windows CE mini-notebook.
Read the good and the bad about this product.

Sprint TouchPoint CDMA PCS phone
The Sprint TouchPhone CDMA phone. 

NEC MobilePro 700 w/broken hinge
The hinge of my NEC MobilePro 700 broke when I opened the lid to use the unit the other day. Amazingly, the system still functions. I ended up repairing the problem myself since NEC said my unit was out of warranty. Click here to learn about the fix.


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