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Virtual PC 2007 vs. Windows Virtual PC Feature Comparison Table

Microsoft released Windows 7 Release Candidate today (I'm downloading my copies of it plus Windows 7 server right now). It includes the Windows XP Mode which is essentially a specialized virtualization container. Microsoft provides an informative table that compares Virtual PC 2007 to Windows Virtual PC at...

Compare some of the many features of Virtual PC 2007 to Windows Virtual PC

Windows Virtual PC includes a bunch of features that a lot of people have been clamoring for for years including:

- USB support (finally!)
- Clipboard sharing
- Drive sharing

Note that unlike Virtual PC 2007, Windows Virtual PC requires either AMD-V or Intel VT-x hardware virtualization support. So, old PCs and Atom 270/280 based netbooks can't run it.

And The Windows Blog has a useful item for those of you planning to deploy Windows XP Mode in the enterprise...

How MED-V v2 Helps You Manage Windows XP Mode

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