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Downgrading Ancient Linksys BEFW11S4 WiFi Router is Like Downgrading from Vista to XP (Makes Things Better)

I keep an old Linksys BEFW11S4 802.11b WiFi router running as an access point (DHCP server and other features turned off) to use with things like a Sony PSP that only has 11Mbps WiFi. The 802.11g router is the real router and only speaks with other "g" devices. The BEFW11S4 has been flaky ever since I updated its firmware to 1.52.02 about two years ago. But, I didn't pay attention to it since it is rarely in use (it mostly sits there to use its additional 4 100Mbps Ethernet ports). I finally got around to trying to figure out why it is so flaky and ran across this two-year old blog item...

How to Fix the Linksys BEFW11S4 Router Kevin Worthington. His problems sounded a lot like mine. And, his advice was to downgrade from firmware version 1.52.02 (the last update for the BEFW11S4 provided by Cisco/Linksys) to version 1.50.14. Linksys' website doesn't list this older firmware. But, fortunately, Kevin provides this link to Linksys' ftp site...

BEFW11S4 firmware version 1.50.14 (ftp link)

So, I downgraded my old Linksys box as suggested and its seems a lot more stable now. It is like downgrading from Vista to XP. Things seems faster and more functional on the old Linksys WiFi router box now.

BTW: The Sony PSP seems to connect more reliably when the Preamble is set to Short instead of the default of Long.

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