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Plants vs. Zombies Composer Posted YouTube Videos of Various Arrangements

There are two games on the iPad that I'm addicted to. One is the free "We Rule" from ngmoco. The other is the $9.99 Plants vs. Zombies HD (PvZ). I rarely listen to or even notice game background music. But, the music for PvZ is a lot of fun to listen to. I especially like the end-game song "There's a Zombie on Your Lawn". So, I went to YouTube to find a video of it to watch on demand. I learned there that the PvZ composer's website (Laura Shigihara) is found here:

If you scroll down a bit you'll find interesting arrangements of some of the PvZ music (YouTube videos) including a piano solo version of "Braniac Maniac" (Zomboss' theme) and a classical guitar version of of the game's main theme. As you go back through the blog's archive, you'll find piano solo's of "Moongrains", "Choose Your Seeds", Watery Graves", "Mini Games theme", and "Graze The Roof".

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