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HP PhotoSmart Digital Monitor Uses All Available CPU After July 2008 Patch Tuesday

I rarely use the HP Photosmart C6250 printer/copier/scanner connected to my Vista PC. Moreover, if it is turned on when I boot the PC, Vista locks up. So, the Photosmart is usually turned off and stays that way until I need it. This has worked out ok for the past couple of months.

However, something happened after this week's monthly Microsoft Patch Tuesday. If the printer is off, the HP Digital Imaging Monitor uses nearly all CPU resources if the printer is not turned on. This brings the PC to a near grinding halt. I'm not sure what the specific cause is. But, this definitely started happening only have the Patch Tuesday updates were installed.

Yet another reason I am never buying another HP printer.

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Windows Vista HP Photosmart C6250 Driver Keeps Getting Lost

This Windows Vista driver war with my HP Photosmart C6250 gets nuttier and nuttier all the time. In February, HP's scanning software decided to store scanned images in folders by month. It did not do that for December or January. Over the past few months, Vista seems to lose sight of the HP printer and reinstalls the driver again and again. It just did it again this evening as I was preparing to use the scanner.

Anyone have any comments on the Canon multi-function fax, scanner, copier, printer devices? I'm probably going to be in the market for one by the end of the year.

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