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“The Lost Symbol” very entertaining so far: Audiobook-Thriller-In Progress

Unless you've been hiding behind a news black curtain, you've probably heard or read that Dan Brown's latest novel, The Lost Symbol, was released last week. This is the third novel based around the Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon character (Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code).

I'm listening to the 17 hour 51 minute long Audible audiobook version and am around the 10 mark right now. If you enjoyed the previous two books with Langon in it, you'll probably find this one entertaining. I know I am so far. Special credit should go to the audiobook reader, Paul Michael, who does an excellent job voicing the various characters in the book.

The book hits the ground running and doesn't really pause much in the 10 hours I've listened to so far. It has a 3 star average rating on Amazon and a 3.45 star rating on Audible (only 20 ratings there right now). I'll give it a provisional 4 star rating based on what I've read/heard so far. It has been a great change of pace from the slow development in the Lucifer's Hammer audiobook I have invested 7 hours of listening to so far (and then paused to switch to The Lost Symbol).

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“Lucifer’s Hammer” boring so far: Audiobook-SF-In Progress

Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle is, I've read, considered a classic novel in the SF global disaster genre. I've read a number of Niven's other novels (mostly in the Protector/Ringworld series). And, although I've never read Pournelle's novels, I was a huge fan of his old Byte magazine Chaos Manor tech column. So, I figured the 24 hour 32 minute long audiobook version would be a treat. After all, the hardcopy novel has a 4 star rating on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating on Audible.

This isn't the case, in my opinion, so far though. I'm about 7 hours into the Audible version of the audio book right now. And, it has just been a mish-mash of uninteresting soap opera character stories so far. I have yet to care about any of the characters so far. The operative word at this ~7 hour point is "Boring".

I'm hoping that it "gets good" soon. In fact, I'm so hopeful, that I'm not going to give up on the book. However, it is so boring at this point, that I'm taking a break and listening to something else for a while (Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol"). More on this next...

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