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Ubuntu 8.04LTS vs. Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

I downloaded Ubuntu Linux 8.04LTS and tried to install it on an old Dell Latitude L400 that I've tested previous Ubuntu versions on. The installation seemed to proceed normally. However, it took forever to boot up after the installation completed. And, after the login, the desktop appeared, then disappered leaving only a blank black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. I guessed that Ubuntu had finally become too bloated for the 256MB RAM notebook. And, yes, I've tried Xubuntu. It didn't work correctly on the L400.

Next, I tried installing it as a Guest OS under Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 on a Dell Latitude D620 notebook. Virtual PC doesn't like current generation Linux distros and 8.04 felt its wrath. So, I searched the web and found this detailed item on the Arcane Code blog...

Installing Ubuntu 8.04 under Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

The steps in the blog body didn't work for me. However, there were comments that provided additional information. The additional instruction was to press F6 to add additional options and add...

noapic nolapic vga=791 its option line and before the terminating double dashes (--). Be sure to leave a space between "791" and the terminating "--". The next step is to be very very patient. The installation process (I installed from a physical CD-ROM burned from the ISO) takes a long long time and mostly blank screens (first black and later beige) before anything interesting appears in the Virtual PC window. However, at some point the Ubuntu graphical desktop shows up with the warning window shown above. This is still the Live CD mode. Clicking the Install icon fires up the CD again resulting in another long delay before anything happens.

If you forget to make the changes to the kernel boot options like I did, you can apply them temporarily from the Grub menu and then make them permanent by editing the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst.

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  1. Hmmm, those options let me run the install, but after the “must reboot now” message after installing, it hangs at a black screen.

  2. Parameters shown above not worked for me (Win XP, SP2)+VPC2007. But these do: noreplace-paravirt at end of line…

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