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OK to Virtualize Windows Vista Home Basic and Premium Editions Now

According to this ZDNet blog item...

Microsoft (finally) broadens Windows Vista virtualization rules

...Microsoft is going to formally announce that it is ok (license-wise) to install Microsoft Windows Home Basic and Home Premium Editions as Guest OSes on virtual machines. Home Basic and Home Premium cost less than the Business and Ultimate Editions. So, this is good news for those of us who need to run Vista in a virtualized environment for testing and other needs.

The official Microsoft press release on this topic is found at...

Microsoft Announces Vision and Strategy to Accelerate Virtualization Adoption

...and the pertinent paragraph is: Increased licensing flexibility with Windows Vista. For businesses, Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop provides unique licensing and flexibility to run Windows in virtual machines on servers and access them from either PCs or thin clients. The annual subscription to Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop is now an estimated retail price of $23 per desktop for rich clients covered by Software Assurance for Windows Client. For consumers, Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Premium are now licensed for use in a virtual machine environment, and the updated end-user license agreement is available at

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