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HP Printer Drivers for Windows Vista

I guess HP finally got around to releasing printer drivers for Windows Vista in April. I got around to taking a look to see if my old Photosmart 7760 was finally supported and, yet, found it has both a new driver (April 2007) and an uninstaller for, I guess drivers installed in 2000/XP previous to an upgrade (May 2007). However, take a look at this note from HP regarding this driver...

This download includes a Print Driver only. This driver makes it possible to use the basic functions for the printer. HP will not be providing a Full Featured Vista Software and Driver for this product; therefore, some functionality may be lost when you use this product with Windows Vista.

I can see why a lot of people are choosing to stay with Windows XP where they have full driver support.

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  1. I have perfectly good HP printers that will not work with Vista – newer HP printers go through ink like water downstream. I actually just purchased 2new older model printers because they so reliable. Such a shame that I did not realize the loss with the upgrade but fortunately I have only one computer with Vista, the rest will keep XP for full driver support with the excellent HP printers.

  2. I have a deskjet 1220c and have good service from HP drivers with XP but due HP’s failure to produce a full driver for Vista I have to switch to XP whenever I want to print anything I want preview before printing. I want HP to produce a full driver for Vista.

  3. Anyone out there who can come up with an alternative driver that can salvage the use of my very favorite HP Photosmart 1115? My brilliant Bro-in-law managed to get it to print once with Windows Vista. We, however, cannot recall how this was done as it was accomplished after a lot of analysis, long distance at that, using MSN messenger. I will resort to keeping my Windows ME desktop just for the use of my dated printer. I hope my purchase of a new printer to go with Windows Vista will be as good a product as HpPhotosmart 1115.

  4. I took Hp’s Advice and upgraded my devices to a new cannon and a Dell Laptop

  5. I have a Photo Smart P1100 and when I went to get the updated driver for Vista this is what I got: We are sorry to inform you that there will be no Windows Vista support available for your HP product. Therefore your product will not work with Windows Vista.
    The majority of HP products not supported in Windows Vista are beyond seven years old.
    If you are using the Windows Vista operating system on your computer, please consider upgrading to a newer HP product that is supported on Windows Vista. HP has numerous products on the market that support Windows Vista.
    I have purchased enough HP products overthe last 20 years that I was going to continue my support, now that I can no longer trust in their support I will no longer invest in their products.

  6. I agree with you Brian, I am a die hard HP user but man is this a kick in the face!! I just bought a new HP Pavillion m8200n with Vista and my good old Photosmart 1115 will not work with Vista as stated above.

    All we can do is have everyone bombard Hp with emails demanding they support their older products in Vista. He who yells loudest gets heard!!


  8. We purchased an HP c-3100 a little over 2 years ago. We are retired with a fixed income and can not afford to just buy another printer just because someone chose not to support it–probably to try to force everyone to upgrade. I am ready to return my new laptop before the 15 days are up and just fix my old computer. Believe me, my next printer will NOT be an HP, and I will seriously consider a Mac! While I understand that things must change to progress, you must support products purchased with hard earned cash, at least through their expected llifespans. To not do so is stealing those useful years. I WILL WARN ALL MY FRIENDS ABOUT VISTA AND HP!

  9. I AM SO MAD I COULD SPIT. I’ve read tons of other messages from people JUST LIKE ME who have been so dedicated over the years to NUMEROUS HP PRODUCTS.
    So, like another SHEEP, I went and bought my SECOND HP LAPTOP, to go with all my HP printers, and peripherals. ONLY to find out that my printer is not at all supported by the new VISTA system.
    What kind of company kicks its BEST CUSTOMERS IN THE ASS LIKE THAT?

    Either they fix this issue, or –like all the other unhappy people out there– I AM NOT BUYING HP ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!

    this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angering.


  10. And,
    to add insult to injury, when you call HP, their great Solution… to make you feel like the service tech guy is some super man… (and not a slick salesman)

    IS they try to SELL you a refurbished machine with vista drivers for 3 times as much as you could buy a new one on (online service company here; starts with “e”) AND an expensive extended warranty package. What kind of a way is this to treat loyal customers? Holy Cow!

  11. I absolutely cant stand the progress Bill Gates thinks he has. I had to finally break down and get a new laptop. ONLY Vista on these things.
    Now my cameras and printers and scanners dont work because they are not supported by Windows Vista. XP was a good thing. He just has to have it all. Contempt is all I have for him.

  12. i have a hp photosmart 7660 the printer will work with vista but it will not let you clean your ink cartlidges or prime them when they are refilled.there is no printer management for hp from vista……..

  13. I also have an HP printer, and I will never buy HP anything since they dont want to continue their support therefore i will not either. I also have a Lexmark printer that was just as old as my HP and behold, they had a vista driver, 15 minutes later I was printing again. Go Lexmark!!!

  14. I am exhausted from trying to troubleshoot the problem with my hp 712c printer…only to find out Hewlett Packard won’t write drivers for the Vista 64 bit OS. Their site suggests I run out and buy a new printer! Why should I throw away a printer that I have taken good care of. This is BS! Is this how they are going to treat their customers. Well then…I can’t trust them to offer me future support for any HP, or company affiliated with HP, products. If I can’t get an updated driver for a perfectly good working hp printer…then they can forget their “drive” for profit with this consumer. No driver…no shoppee!

  15. …By the way…I drive a 20 year old Toyota…I can still buy parts and have this car serviced from Toyota. Seems they do pretty well in spite of all the long lasting products they made…and this without taking support away from their loyal customers.

  16. I have an HP printer/scanner/copier that I bought with an hp desktop a year ago with xp. I recently purchased a hp compaq laptop with vista. I want to print from my laptop but cannot install it. What kind of crap is that? I have hp products that cannot support each other. I want a refund!!!!!

  17. This is an outrage, I’ll never buy another HP product.

    Now I’m forced to either use the $20.00 piece-o’-crap printer that came with my new 2k pc or spend hundreds more on an additional photo-quality printer?

    No problem, I’ll just throw away a perfectly fine printer or store it in a closet for years (then drop another $60.00 or more to replace the ink-heads when retrieved)…sure, that’s sensible and reasonable…bastards!


  18. All,

    For the HP PHOTOSMART 1115, you can use the HP 7800 series driver and your printer will at least function again. You may lose a couple of functions like automatic duplex printing, but for the most part it works just fine.

  19. Guys… I was struggling to get automatic duplex printing working for my Photosmart 7660 in Vista and tried everything….

    Well… I finally got it working! To start with it works in PowerPoint but not in Word for some strange reason…

    I am using the Photosmart 7150 driver as recommended by HP, however the 7960 driver will work as well… To get auto duplex working goto “Printers and Faxes” in “Start Menu” then “Settings”

    Right-click your 7660 printer (you have to install it beforehand), and click on “Properties” then click on the “Device Settings” tab and change the option for the Duplexing Unit from “Not Installed” to “Installed”. Then click on the “Advanced” tab and then click on “Print Processor”. Now change the Print Processor to “WinPrint” with the default data type as “RAW”.

    To get it working in Word 2007 (i use that version so not sure about earlier ones), click on the Word button, click “print” then Click on “Options” and then “Advanced”. Scroll down till you see the checkbox “Print on front of page for duplex printing”. Check that box and youre good to go!

    That is what worked for me and hopefully you get similar results.


  20. The universal HP drivers only work for some printers. The fact that we as consumers, many of us not tech savy, have to configure all kinds of advanced crap is ridiculous…when HP can just write the proper drivers. For those whom this fix has worked for…I am pleased. I know you are happy to have salvaged your printers…even if your only getting a bit of the print features your printers are capable of. I for one do build comps and my Vista 64 bit ultimate is wonderful and I intend to stay with it…regardless of the fact that I won’t be using an HP printer with it. Canon or Brother seems to be the way to go. Also, I have networked my HP with my XP laptop and can get basic print jobs done. When I do decide to buy again it will not be HP.

  21. I am thouroughly pissed at Hp for not providing a fully functional driver for my Photosmart 7660 Printer, compatible with Windows Vista Home.

    I recently purchased a new Hp Pavillion Notebook, with Vista Home Edition installed, and DID NOT even imagine I would not have access to a fully functional print driver.

    Funny thing (not a bit), I purchased the computer because I was so impressed with the quality and flexibility of the printer….now I’m not so impressed. I’ve invested in ink cartriges, paper, etc – all which is not cheap. If HP does not make avaliable a driver I will no longer purchase an Hp printer nor another Hp computer. I see right through their marketing ploy and it sucks lemons !!!

  22. hi you guy
    try to used driver hp7600 for 7660
    is will work
    good luck all

  23. Any ideas for a driver for my HP Photosmart p1100 Printer for use with Windows Vista Ultimate, 64 bit ???

  24. I at least had a heads up on the fact that my HP Photosmart 1115 (a really good printer) was not supported in Vista – so when I upgraded to a new computer – it’s not HP!! For those who say it will cost so much to write a new driver … give me a break! Ever heard of “reusable code”? The work to develop a driver has been done and perfected for XP. If HP would assign a real professional to write this driver for Vista (copy it from XP) they would probably take no more than half a day! Wonder way HP cannot see how damaging it is/has been/will continue to be to their reputation because of this attitude of go-buy-a-new-HP-printer-and-be-happy-about-it! How arrogant can any compnay be? Shame on you HP! I’ve bought my last piece of hardware with the HP brand name on it.

  25. like alot of you I have bought HP over the years on my third laser printer and second desktop and second laptop I am totally pissed I cannot use my HP Laserjet 2100 with my two new computers running vista
    the last HP product I buy. has anyone figured a work around for a Laserjet 2100 on Vista

  26. I just crranked up my new Dell Pc w/vista and my HP LAserjet 4 won’t work. HP website says that Vista has built in the drivers for this (way old but reliable) BW printer. I called Dell and they say the printer is too old. Any help! out there?? Thanks

  27. I was very frustrated to learn that my printer will not work with windows vista. After all the expense of upgrading to a new machine and reinstalling everything! I was ready to switch back to Windows XP as this printer is a great heavy duty and very reliable one, not like the cheap crapy ones. However at least it working now. I used the 7800 driver which left me with minimal options, however at least it works. Thanks for your help all. HP should be ashamed of this. After all their promotion in recyling!!!! So I do recycle the cartridges, but according to HP, if I have a working printer I have to throw it away. Yeahhh right.

  28. Have a new Dell inspiron 530s and photosmart 6180, 2 yrs old and use it mostly for photo printing, my hobby etc.
    Hp sent me a patch to help with regular printing, but am unable to print my photos properly, to dark etc..Lucky Costco is close by and does a perfect job, hope someone has a better idea or a quick fix..
    Ps when I send my photos to a friends Lexmart or whatever,, perfect. Tks and if you don’t stop listning, I will never get back to work…Dell

  29. I have an HP 7660 printer. It has been wonderful. I upgraded to a new computer and windows vista. I also installed the driver needed for my printer to be compatible with vista. The printer works but I constantly have problems with the printer driver crashing my computer constantly. There is absolutely no help from HP about this problem. No one should have to replace a perfectly good and working printer because HP won’t take the time to fix the problem.

  30. I bought a new HP computer at Costco and am well into my 2nd ,onth of trying to get my HP Scanjet and my HP Laserjet to work in Vista. I tried most of the things suggested on the net for the laserjet (The Scanjet is lost, unless I return to XP). Fortunately Costco will accept the new HP computer if I return it within 90 days of purchase). I will continue to try to make the Laserjet work but I’m getting discouraged with the lack of help fro HP and Micrsosoft.


    I have an HP scanjet 2200c, which of course doesn’t have support for Vista – but I tried just installing the windows XP driver from HP’s website and it works great so far.

    Steps I took:
    Download XP driver from HP
    Plug in scanner
    Click on the file you just downloaded and install. No tricks, that’s all.

    Don’t bother getting windows to find the driver, it does a scan-thing where it will search for a driver but even when you get to browse and tell it where to find the driver file it won’t see it. Just install it yourself, manually.

  32. PS that is on a 32-bit Vista

  33. I just bought a new computer from Costco with Vista works great. Now I haven’t any printers that work with Vista. Three HP printers are not supported by HP because they are too old. Maybe I am too old to be supported too. HP say good-by to my business for ever.

  34. I have an HP Officejet 5610xi All-in-One printer do you have a compatable driver for this that supports Windos Vista.

  35. well, after reading all this, I’m glad I didn’t offer to pay HP $35. to get my old laserjet 1020 to work on Vista. My solution is to leave printers hooked up to old XP (LUCKY I STILL HAVE). Perhaps if I network, I can share the HP from Vista. Haven’t tried yet.

  36. HP just lost another customer. I don’t know if y’all have noticed but the printers they no longer support are higher quality than the ones they make now!

  37. Re: Photosmart 1115

    I use the driver for Photosmart 7200, and it works fine. The only thing not working is the cardslots (SD etc)

    Installation was easy using the DOT4 as printer port.

  38. Don’t give up just because Vista doesn’t support your printer driver. Other drivers may do the trick. My 1215 Photosmart is not supported, but after downloading the driver for Business jet 1220 (and manually writing in name HP 1215) it works just fine.

  39. Raoul Matson,
    I have a HP 2410 printer, can you suggest which driver to use we can not print at all with this printer?


  40. Can you please explain, in detail how you were able to install the HP Photosmart 1115. I have the disk, but VISTA will not complete the instillation because of the “driver ERROR”. I don’t see how I’m able to choose the 7200 driver during the instillation? Please HELP!! I’m about at the point of smashing something:(

  41. 1. HP is selling laptops with Vista OS installed.

    2. HP is not providing Vista drivers or only bare minimum print drivers for their older printers.

    after spending my entire adult life buying nothing but HP laptops and printers, my disgust with shoddy workmanship and crappy support for their laptops led me to buy another manufacturer’s laptop and swear never again to touch an HP keyboard.

    now i see i will have to do the same with HP printers.

    how sad to see a once-proud American company fall this far. and politics aside the fact is that this change in HP corporate culture happened while carly fiorina headed the company and actively campaigned for and implemented outsourcing outsourcing outsourcing.

  42. I was very, very happy to receive a reply to my HP driver delema……IT worked !!!
    I thought I would post it here for all to benefit from.
    Thanks Sheliah

    1) uninstall all of your current (attempts) XP drivers

    – Sometimes there is a residue of the drivers left. Use the HP Photosmart disk to uninstall the XP Drivers, then manually uninstall the ACDSee program and HP drivers listed in the uninstall window. Also, in the TEMP (C:\ temp) there is usually some part of the Photosmart driver. Delete it.

    2) Use the USB port on your printer. DO NOT USE the parallel port.

    3) Once you plug in the USB into the computer, turn on the printer.

    4) Your system will bring up a dialog balloon on the lower left taskbar letting you know that a New Device was Discovered.

    5) Click on the balloon.

    6) The printer will not be recognized (big surprise!) click on the “Do Not Ask About this Device Again” choice.

    7) Go to Start –> type in: device manger where it says ” Start Search” –> then choose device manager on the Windows Startup List

    8) In device manager, click on ACTION

    –> Add Legacy Hardware –> Install Manually (Advance) –> Scroll down until you see a Printer Icon, choose it.

    9) Choose your printer port: scroll down to “DOT4_001 (Generic IEEE 1284.4 printing support) –> click next, then wait a second.

    10) In the Install a Driver window: Scroll down to HP –> choose: HP DeskJet 970cxi –> click next and finish the installation process.

    a) With this driver, you will be able to share it with other Vista users, provided they have the same printer driver installed. You will have to manually configure the printer in the SHARE a printer dialogue box so that

    each terminal can choose its own print settings, otherwise, the “Host” system will determine the print quality (draft, normal, etc.).

    b) In the SHARE a printer dialogue box, choose the SECURITY tab –> highlight EVERYONE –> in the lower half of the window, click all of the boxes.

    Continue this process for all of the users (Creator Owner, Admin. etc.).

    11) How does it work if you have a mix of XP and Vista in the network? I don’t know. I will find out later this morning.

    12) I hope you had Merry Christmas (Belated) and Happy New Year!!!

  43. Just like Joyce, I also have an HP 712C printer. I’m very upset that I bought a new HP computer and can’t use my perfectly good printer with it! While the computer says it installed the driver automatically, it just won’t work, and after spending several hours in online chats with three different HP “techs” dthe problem was never solved.
    Live and learn – I don’t even like the new computer – my previous HP Pavilion had alot more features, and everything worked with it!
    This is a drag – no more HP for me!

  44. In Windows 7 use HP Photosmart 2600 series drivers to get functionality for your Photosmart 1115 printer. It is an old printer and we can’t expect all parties to continue to support our oldies but goodies.


  45. january 18, 2009 10:27 p.m.

    i have an HP PSC 1500 all in one .. has anyone figured out how to get it to print, scan, copy?

    i too am stung that hp would not have the proper support in vista since it comes installed on their own product!!! .. i have a new pavilion slimline but i plan to take it back if i can’t get my printer to work.

  46. Hi folks, I too have used over 5 HP printers as well as other brands. I had a great HP 6980 that I used with my Windows XP and loved it. I bought another for my MAC OX 10. My windows computer crashed and my new computer came with VISTA!! NO MORE FULL SERVICE DRIVER!!! I have tried for over a year to get a full service printer driver for my Windows Home Premium. I have spent 40 + FRUSTRATING hours with tech’s, uninstalling the program, virus programs as well as operating system, etc. Plus I hired a Microsoft Tech who spent many hours to try and solve the problem to no avail.

    The FULL SERVICE DRIVER that I have downloaded from the HP site over 20 times and installed says that it’s compatible with my Vista Home Premium but the services tools to clean, align and color balance that I NEED do NOT work. THIS WILL BE MY LAST HP PRINTER IF THEY DO NOT FIX THIS PROBLEM, and SOON!!!! “NUFF SAID”

  47. I have an HP Officejet 7310 All-in-One printer & HP w2207h monitor which I want to keep. I need to replace my verrry old Compaq Presario 7970 and I want Vista. Does this mean there isn’t an HP that I can buy that will work with my current printer & monitor? Thank you for any assistance.

  48. I am extremely disappointed with HP,
    I thought that I could salvage a great printer like the Laser 2100 that I have had ever since college! it was so amazing, worked fast, and like a charm! just to find out that it isn’t supported in Vista.

    I hate Vista so much i can spit blood.

    this has been nothing but a nightmare to me.
    I miss my Windows XP!

    after this last computer, i am switching to Mac, i hate everything about Windows right about now. nothing bloody works!

  49. The HP 2100 IS supported on Vista. I have one myself using it as a network printer. If you have a router connect it to the router then try to add it and tell Vista it is a network printer, Vista will find it and install the correct driver for it.

  50. I’m so glad I found this blog. I’ve spent hours trying to get my HP Photosmart 7660 to work on Windows Vista, all to no avail. I gave my old computer with Windows XP to my grandsons. I’m about ready to trade my newly purchased computer w/ Vista to them and get my old computer back. This is a real disappointment and I may not be purchasing HP products in the future if this is the “customer support” we loyal customers can expect!

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