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Cheap Vista PC: In Search of a Printer Driver

IMHO the paperless office is about as appealing as a paperless restroom. So, one of my early system checks was to see if I could print from an HP Photosmart 7760 on my freshly upgraded cheap Vista PC. To my disappointment the answer was no. However, this problem was flagged by the Vista Upgrade Advisor. So, I was not terribly surprised. I ran a few searches and found a discussion on LockerGnome about the much newer HP PhotoSmart 7960 that gave me the slap-on-the-forehead insight I needed. Both the 7900 series and 7700 series drivers are very similar to the HP Photosmart 7800 driver that is available in Vista. Manually installing the 7800 driver for my 7760 worked. As noted in the discussion board thread, the ink supply information is not provided. But, it lets me get printed output. And, that is good enough for now. Let's hope HP provides updated complete Vista drivers for its printer lines.

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  1. HP (and other manufacturers) haven’t started supporting Vista yet. Driver problems will be a huge issue for anyone trying to upgrade an existing machine. I have found that even when the machine is marked regarding Vista, the manufacturer will not provide drivers for Vista, but will be happy to sell you a copy of OEM Vista (not ultimate) with the drivers you need in it.

    Regarding HP, they arent supporting Apple Macs very well either. Their Mac OS X drivers won’t load on the current version of Mac os and the tech support labs at HP are two versions of the OS behind.

  2. I just bought a new HP computer with Vista. This is not a cheap computer and it does not support my HP 7960 printer. So an HP computer won’t work with an HP printer. Why did HP allow Vista to be packaged with their computers? FYI- I am having problems with other peripherals as well. Apparently Vista wasn’t held back long enough. If you are thinking of upgrading to Vista from XP; DON’T DO IT.

  3. Don: You need to re-read m blog item above. It clearly describes your problem and its solution: Use the driver for the 7800.

  4. I tried looking for a Vista driver fo the 7800 as mentioned in the blog and didn’t see one for any of the 3 7800 models. Which exact driver did you use?

  5. Dani: The 7800 is already in the Windows Vista printer driver list.

  6. I have my 7960w connected to a USB print server, I got it working with the “hp desktop 5600 series (HPA) “driver in the windows vista printer list but would not work with just the “hp desktop 5600 series driver”– be sure it says (HPA) at the end of the driver. Could not get 7800 to work but may try again.

  7. Hey, Yea this supposable 95% compatible vista is CRAP! and has been compatible with NOTHING I have tried yet. But I did get my photo smart 3310 to print with a simple plug in of a USB cable, So much for wireless printing for now :( But HP is working on it??? So they say…

  8. HP just released an updated driver for the photosmart 7960, but they state this is not a full functioning vista driver and some fuctionality may be lost and they will not develop one for this printer. It seems to work fine with direct USB connection to the computer and I also was able to get it working connected to a trendnet print server. If using a trendnet USB print server be sure to put “lp2 (top USB port on server) or lp3” for the queue name in the configure port menu.

  9. Help,
    I cannot find a printer driver listed as 7800. I get a very small list under hp in vista, how and where exactly can this 7800 driver be accessed? I don’t even remember how i accessed any list by manufacturer but it was tiny for hp. I don’t have any disks for vista as it was preinstalled. i cannot find a website location, either hp or microsoft with a driver. i read that the the 7960 is supportted by vista but i cannot find out how, i have been told to load the hp driver onto my vista laptop so that i can run the printer wirelessly from its server. i have been struggling with this for some time. vista won’t load the original software from hp for 7960.

  10. I bought a new compaq desktop with vista on it . I have tried and tried to get my hp laser printer 2605dn to work on this machine .I even went to and downloaded all the vista drivers you name it I did it finally I GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I highly recommend everyone DO NOT PURCHASE ANY COMPUTER WITH VISTA ON IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUNK !!!!!JUNK!!!!!!!!JUNK!!!!!!!! Windows XP IS A BREEZE GO XP!!!!

  11. I hope one day Microsoft will have a XML whereby we can have few codes to be added to the driver library, as installing driver is headache. I got webcam, its working fine at my PC and the person on otherside couldnt see me, I been trying various options to make it work.

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