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The Cheap PC, Vista, and AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

The recently released version 7.5 of...

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition to have full compatibility with the latest Windows Vista version. So, I upgraded from veresion 7.1 to 7.5 under Windows XP Media Center Edition before starting the Vista upgrade.

After being amazed by seeing Vista Aero Glass features with only shared video RAM, I ran into an AVG pop-up asking me for an activation key. I had never seen that in 7.1 so I wasn't sure what to do next. I finally had to manually terminate the AVG process. Then, I downloaded a fresh copy of AVG Free Edition 7.5 and reinstalled it under Vista. This seemed to fix the problem. No more requests for an activation key.

However, when I booted the Vista PC the next day, AVG crashed at startup. I manually started it and tried test scan. It seemed to work. But, I need to test a few more boot cycles before deciding whether to keep it on the system or replace it with ClamWin (an Open Source anti-virus product).

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  1. I did a post for newbies on free products I recommend for PC security. Besides AVG and ZA, I’ve got Defender on my list too.

  2. I was not able to install AVG 7.5 on a new vista computer

  3. Recently purchased a bargain priced HPC504 Presario laptop with Vista. Its a great system, but I’ll mention a few nits:
    (1) HP has a virus like pop-up ad that demands that I register the product, which I have done several times. Nevertheless, nothing will stop the pop-up from reappearing every few minutes. Does any-one know how to kill this thing?
    (2) The system comes pre-loaded with a large number of ads for various services; they are mixed in with various help menus which may be possibly usefull, though I’m beginning to have my doubts.
    (3) The system does not come with any discs for the installed software; though I think that a boot disc for Vista can be purchased. Perhaps hard discs are more reliable than my diskette fileing system.
    (4) The lack of backup discs makes me leery about trying to install Linux, since that involves changing the Windows Vista partition, always a nervous activity.

  4. In reply to Edgar Romberg:

    Mate, your reply is off-topic and I guess you should have created a new thread. Anyway, try to answer some of your points…

    (1) Phone or email HP’s support.

    (2) Unfortunately HP sends out new computers with a lot of “bloatware”. Complain, let HP know you don’t like it. Hopefully they will stop one day soon.

    (3) See also under (4). Most drivers are also available on the HP site, but in some cases you have to install drivers in a certain sequence that is not documented, eg first chipset, then audio, then modem/fax. The HP site just gives you individual downloads.

    (4) Usually HP does not supply backup disks, but there is a partition on the hard disk and utility that allow you to create a set of disks yourself. Check the HP documentation.

  5. AVG 7.5 tends to slow my pc down. It becomes very slow now.

  6. I find AVG to be the least invasive and least demanding on the system, compared to other antivirus product, free or otherwise. It’s true that some people have issues with vista, but thats not just AVG…

    I wouldnt have upgraded AVG before the Vista upgrade, I’d have uninstalled, then installed again afterwards.

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