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Cheap PC Vista Upgrade Timeline

Here's a near blow-by-blow timeline of my upgrade process from Windows XP Windows Media Edition to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. I upgraded using a DVD burned from the production ISO file.

  • 1321 - Typed in activation code. The installer looked at my system and identified potential upgrade issues. The interesting thing about this is that the list was a bit different from the one the Vista Upgrade Advisor created. It did not, for example, list nVidia Networking as a possible problem. And, it added the Sun Java Scheduler as a possible problem. Another addition that did not show up in the Adivsor output was the nVideo Display driver.
  • 1326 - File copying began
  • 1333 - Getting files 19% done
  • 1340 - Getting files 67% done
  • 1344 - The screen fills with a blue gradient fill and the words Upgrading Windows appears
  • 1347 - Expanding files 21% done
  • 1359 - Expanding files 93% done
  • 1400 - Installing features and updates phase
  • 1401 - The PC rebooted on its own
  • 1403 - The message "Please wait a moment" appears
  • 1405 - The screen background changes to black and then changes to "Completing upgrade"
  • 1415 - Completing upgrade 28% done
  • 1426 - Completing upgrade 46% done
  • 1432 - Ack, I left the external USB hard drive plugged in. The Vista upgrader ran a disk check on it that took a few minutes.
  • 1438 - The screen blanks out to black again
  • 1440 - Completing upgrade 64% appears
  • 1445 - Vista asks to verify my timezone
  • 1451 - Vista runs a performance check
  • 1501 - Vista login prompt appears

The upgrade process took about 90 minutes (I walked away or looked away a couple of times and when I returned there was a prompt or two). It would have saved a few minutes if I had turned the external hard drive off before beginning the upgrade.

So, how does the upgraded Vista PC work? Stay tuned for the next week or two to read a couple of surprises I ran into after logging in.

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  1. Hi Todd. I came across your blog in a search concerning issues with Sun Java Scheduler. Thanks for keeping a log of your install.

    My Vista Ultimate upgrade is also on top of XP Media Center. Overall Vista is turning out to be a good and pleasant OS, but every time I start the computer I get the error message that tells me Vista has detected possible problems with Sun Java Scheduler. I check the “don’t show this message again” box but it has no effect. I installed Java 6 but this also had no effect.

    Any ideas as to what is going on in there? Looks like a pretty big hiccup for Vista.


  2. John: Just a guess since Java wasn’t on the Media Center I upgraded to Ultimate Edition. You might want to consider uninstalling Java (5 and 6) from your PC. Then, reboot. Use MSCONFIG to see if the Java (presumably 5) scheduler is still in the service or startup list. If it is, you can consider unchecking it. Reboot again to make sure this took effect. If it did, try reinstalling Java 6. If this doesn’t work, you may have to back to step 1 and think about removing the Java scheduler from the registry by hand (not a fun task).

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